1) Design
-> Any campaign, online or offline, needs to be supported with outstanding visuals. There is a huge difference between an outstanding visual that is simply aesthetically impressive and one that is aesthetically impressive as well as effective. An effective visual is designed while taking into account the principles of human psychology, behavioral science, social norms and conditionings, cultural influences and demographic profile while selecting the appropriate motifs, colours, layouts, fonts etc.
-> Design refers to collateral design, interior design, product design, packaging design or corporate gift design.

2) Copywriting
-> Words have an influence over the human mind and emotions that is hard to ignore. What 5 words strung together creatively and strategically can do could very well be much more powerful than what an entire article might be able to communicate.
-> Strategic copywriting must be incorporated at all levels of your business. Right from your business name, domain name and brand name to your tagline to associated content. Good copywriting also keeps in mind the consistency of theme, tone, brand personality, core message and desired outcome.

3) Networking
Path Layers Network is an initiative by Path Layers Business Services to provide the perfect platform for businesses and business owners/representatives to come together to connect, collaborate and exchange ideas in the most conducive environment. Look out more details on our monthly networking events on our events page.

4) Training & Development
-> While we help you design and implement many of your communication strategies, the individuals representing your business and brands need to be aligned and communicate the same message as well to ensure thorough consistency and translation of the message into a congruent experience.Sales, customer service, conversations, conflict management, presentation skills are some of the modules we offer to transfer our knowledge to your teams so that they too can play an active part on becoming brand ambassadors for you.
-> Contact us for details and course outlines.

5) Events
A huge part of establishing a memorable and relatable brand identity is to allow your audience to experience the very Essenes that your brand strives to represent. Dinner & Dances, Stakeholder engagement sessions, workplan retreats, conferences, exhibitions, product launches etc are excellent platforms. We have a full fledged events division that will follow our 7 step processes to ensure a smooth and effective event campaign for you.

6) Co-Branding & Sponsorship
We can help you with running co-branding campaigns with other brands that will do justice your own brands or seek sponsorship opportunities for you that will maximize your sponsorship dollar. On the other hand, we could also find businesses that would love to be a part of your campaign or sponsors to support your marketing efforts.

7) Media Planning, Buying & Production
-> We help you establish which would be the best mediums for your campaign based on your target audience, budget and desired outcomes.
-> We help you convert your message into an engaging story customised to the chosen medium (print, video, audio, online or offline).
-> We help you design, copy-write, storyboard and produce. Where we required, we will work with our partner agencies to provide talents such as models, actors and VoiceOver artists.
-> We help develop video advertisements/presentations (animated or non-animated) that are customised to be optimized for web, social networks, YouTube and television.
-> We then help you to negotiate and purchase media advertising slots at the best prices and rates.
We also have an existing network of media houses that offer us privileged rates.

8) Public & Media Relations
-> We help craft and push stories to media and news platforms to get you credible yet cost effective exposure to your audience.
-> We prepare press releases, press kits, media fact sheets and media events.